Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 11 stroylines part 1 Eric

What an uninspiring title.  Roy and I wanted to pick our top 11 storyline (or single issues) of all time.  We did feel we had to narrow it down some, so we decided it had to be from a normal ongoing series.  No miniseries, no one shots, no maxiseries.  Just a regular ongoing title.  Did not even have to be a current one. One small cheat on this would be miniseries like Hellboy, BPRD, Mouse Guard, and a few others.  They do a series of minis that form the ongoing essentially so they counted.  We have also noted at the end of each entry if they are collected in anyway and if that collection is in print.  So without further pomp here are my 11.

It goes without saying that these are in no particular order.  However the first one is my top pick.

1. A three way tie of my 3 single favorite issues of all time.  New Teen Titans VOL 1 Issues #38 "Who is Donna Troy", #39 "Crossroads", and #50 "We are Gathered Here Today".  I can not discribe in enough detail how much these issues effected me as a kid.  They are some of the first back issues I ever hunted down.  #38 is perfect character piece focusing on Robin (Dick Grayson) looking for the truth about Donna Toy's background before she was adopted by Wonder Woman.  It is incredible moving with no super heroics at all.  #39 Starts with lots of action but ends with Kid Flash and Robin giving up there heroic identities so they can find a new way in the world.  #50 is the wedding issue between Donna Troy and Terry Long.  No on appears in costume through the whole issue.  These 3 issues I think represent the best story telling ongoing series have to offer.  There is so much character development and so much emotion evoked in the reader for the main characters.  #39 is collected in the Teen Titans Omnibus V.2 HC.  #38 and #50 are in the Who is Donna Troy TP but will also be collected (and recolored) in the soon to be released Teen Titans Omnibus V.3 HC.

The Rest fall in no particular order.

2.  New Teen Titans #23-25, Annual #1:  For a single story arc, especially from the Wolfman/Perez Titans run, most people pick Judas Contract.  I mean even the story arc has a name.  It is true I love that arc (1st appearance of Dick Grayon Nightwing) but the Tamaran Story Arc from 23-25, Annual 1 I think is an under appreciated masterpiece of super hero drama. Star Fire is kidnapped and taken home.  The rest of the team pursues.  Giant space fights, super hero battles, and cool character moments really drive this piece home. 
It is collected in New Teen Titans Omnibus V.2 HC.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol1 #8-13.  There are two major reasons this will always be on my top anything list.  First issue #13 is the absolutely sweetest issue of teenage love ever put into comics.  If you do not crack a smile at this issue you are dead inside.  The second reason is the finial confrontation between Kingpin and Spider-Man.  I will leave it at that.  This is all in Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 2 Learning Curve.

4. Avengers Vol 1 #270-277 "Avengers Under Siege"  One of the best super hero slug fests ever!  It is so well respect that the Avengers cartoon did its own version of it.  Collected in the trade Avengers Under Siege.

5. JLA VOL 1 #6-#7.  Grant Morrision relauch of the DC super team in the 90's has so many cool moments.  I will admit the there is only one reason this story arc is on my list, it has the greatest Martian Manhunter scene of all time.  And I love MM even if no one else does.  Collected in JLA VOL 1 TP

6. Mouse Guard Fall #1-6: I love the art.  I love the epic feel of the story.  What more left is there it say, except collected in Mouse Guard Fall TP

7. Sandman #21-28 "Season of Mists": So when Roy wanted to get me to read Sandman this is the book he handed me.  Not vol 1 but vol 4 and am I ever so glad he did.  This is one of the finest example of epic fantasy story telling in any medium!   Collected in Sandman Vol 4 Season of Mists TP.

8. Wonder Woman Vol 2 #170 "She's a Wonder": I will just say up front that sadly this book has never been collected anywhere.  Still the issue should be very cheap online or in back issue bends.  Another character piece I am so fond of, this one involving Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, an interview and a game of pool.  This simple stand alone issue captures both of these power female characters so beautifully.

9. Batman Vol 1 #404-407 "Year One."  I am not sure that anything really needs to be said about this other than it is the best Batman story in print.  Collected in Batman Year One TP and Deluxe HC.

10.  Legion of Super Heroes VOL 1 #294-296, Annual #1 "The Great Darkness Saga": Wow I am not sure I have the words to do this tale justice.  As any who has seen any collected version of this tale Darkseid is the big bad.  However in the story you are just given clue after till clue until the big reveal and it just floors you.  Still even with that spoiled it is a great story of ultimate evil and the brave few who try everything to stop it.  Collected in Legion of Super Heroes Great Darkness Saga Deluxe HC.

and lastly

11.  Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #50: "Doomed Affairs": This was the single issue that got MJ and Peter back together after a long separation.  Some of J. Michael Straczynski best work on Spider-Man.  He wanted those two back together and found a way to make it work while telling a pretty funny story of Spidy having to stop an attempted assassination of Dr. Doom.  Sadly the collections of this are no longer in print and marvel does not plan to reprint it.  Grab it if you see it.  Amazing Spider-Man JMS ultimate collection vol 2 TP.

So there are mine.  I am sure that Roy's will be up in a few days.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed it.