Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 11 comics for the year of the Snake

It is that time again!

Roy's List: (In no particular order)

Honorable mentions go out to Red Sonja, Fatale, The Massive, Velvet, Alex + Ada, and Batwoman.

1. Rat Queens: A funny, violent, raunchy tale of a female mercenary group in a fantasy setting. While there is an element of "gamer humor" in this book, you will still think it is funny even if you have never played a game of D & D.

2. Shadow Year One: This book rarely comes out and I constantly fear it will be cancelled before it wraps up. Having said that, this is the best Shadow book on my shelves. The book has the correct balance of the Shadow being very skilled, but still learning how best to fight evil.

3. Lazarus: It is a world of neofeudalism. Most people are serfs belonging to one of the families. All the families have a Lazarus, a genetically modified and psychologically conditioned warrior. Great art great story.

4. Wonder Woman: This continues to be fantastic. Lots of wheeling, dealing, and scheming amongst the Olympian gods.

5. Sex: It is about vigilante trying to retire. It is about an old criminal trying to come out of retirement. Lots of subtext in this one. Best thing Joe Casey has done in a long time.

6. Deathmatch: All the heroes and villains in a mysterious prison, forced to fight in an arena. They don't remember anything about how this all came about, until they get in the arena. This was a very fun ride.

7. Saga: I keep thinking I am gonna read an issue of Saga that doesn't blow me away. It hasn't happened yet.

8. Manhattan Projects: This tale of wacky scientist run amok always make me laugh out loud. It is a hard one to describe...just read it!

9. East of West: In a world where the U.S. has been broken into a handful of countries following a meteor hit, the three horsemen of the apocalypse search for their estranged sibling, Death.  It is old west with cyberpunk and magic.

10. Avenger/New Avengers/ Infinity: It is three books, but it is really just one story. That bothers some people and I understand that. But I like it. Whether it is the political intrigue of Namor and Tchala  or Thor smashing aliens, these books always bring a smile to my face.

11. G. I. Joe Cobra Files: Cloak and dagger at it's finest. The Joe's special counter-intelligence team faces threats from within and without. Dark and gritty.

And now for the Democratic Response.

Eric's Picks for the top 11 of Snake.  Also in no particular order.  Though this is the first year that I only have 3 mainstream books on my list.  Almost 1/2 the list is Image because that is the kind of year they are having.  Also the first year that Roy and I only have 2 books in common.

1. Rat's Queens: I agree with Roy about how great this book is.  I do not think it has that much gamer humor.  But it is a hell of ride. 

2. Alex + Ada: Also from Image another Luna Brothers book and they hit it out of the park again.  I have loved their other three series (Ultra, Sword, Girls) but this one is shapping up to be my favorite.

3. Velvet (again Image): A spy thriller with a female lead.  Brubaker always pleases but this maybe his best stuff since the beginning of his Captain America run.  Epting's art is great, maybe his best as well.

4. Morning Glories (Image again): This has made it every year on my list and if you do not know why you need to pick this book up!  Trust me it will blow your mind at the end of every issue and make you want to read the next one immediately.  I will admit it reads much better in Trade or chuncks.  You pick up so much more stuff that way.

5. East of West (Last Image book): What can I say about this book that Roy has not already said.  This is my favorite Hickman book. 

6. Forever Evil (DC): The build up to this in Trinity war which started out slow  and then ended GREAT!  This lead into Forever Evil which I am loving despite a general unhappiness with DC right now.

7. Earth 2 (DC): This has also made my list the last year and only my second repeat.  It is still a lot of fun and even with the writer change the book has not suffered.

8. Aquaman (DC): This is the last repeat and maybe the last time this appears on the list.  It was the end of Johns' run this year and it was Magnificent.

9. Elfquest (Dark Horse): This just started up again in December and it is as good as I remember from my youth.  I am hoping this means we will see a reprinting of the older stuff now but if you want to read the older stuff it is free on Elfquest's website.  The entire 30 year run.

10. Red Sonja (Dynamite): Gail Simone doing sword and sorcery!  This book is beautiful to look at and read.

11. Olympians GN (:01 First Second): A graphic novel series that come out every quarter or so.  It is a all ages look at the 12 Olympians and some of the myths involving them.  The art is strong and it is great for anyone that wants to learn more of Greek Mythology or brush up on previous knowledge.

Like Roy I have a cheat though only one and not half a list. 

Cheat: Miracleman (Marvel): At long last it is being reprinted and will be collected I am sure.  One of the few Alan Moore things I still love.  If you have never read it you should come get the first issue.  Done back when Alan Moore still liked Super Heroes.