Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best of the Year of the Rabbit.

So it is that time of year again for us to tell you what the best of the preceding year was in our opinion.    As you may know we do it a little differently here at Tribe.  We honor my wife Chinese heritage and do our list by the Chinese New Year rather than the western new year.  So here goes my Top Elven list.  (Another strange thing we do and if you want to know why top 11 instead of 10, all I can tell you is that it has to do with how many time zones there were in the Soviet Union.  Want to know more bug Roy.)

Eric's TOP 11

While these are in no particular order my number one choice is just that my #1

1. Titans Games GN

An original story from Wolfman and Perez with their Titans lineup from 20 plus years ago.  I must admit I was worried when I read the preview but then I read the full book.  They manage to capture the magic I loved so much from those stories.  I really loved this book.  If you are a fan at all of that era, this is one book you need to get.  (The New Teen Titans Omnibus is the other, man the recolored pages are AMAZING.)

All the rest are in no particular order
2. Daredevil

Mark Waid's Daredevil run is so damn good.  It is my favorite marvel book.  It is nice to see Matt Murdock not having his life be total shit all the time.  Plus Paulo Rivera draws Daredevil's rader and hypersenses in a way I have never seen done before and I think it is great when an artist can do this.

3. Batman (New 52)

While I am not a fan of the art the story by Scott Snyder is so damn good.  I love this book for that reason.  Also if you have not checked out his pre new 52 Detective run with Dick Grayson as Batman it is worth reading.  It is called Black Mirror.

4. Nightwing (New 52)

How could I not be a fan of this book it is my favorite character.  Alright I have hated a lot of what has been done by writers to this character in the last 10 years (Tomasi's run is the exception to that).  This book, however, managed to capture everything I love about Dick Grayson.

5. Amazing Spider-Man

Dan Slott's run has been really really good.  It has been fun without being overly tragic.  It had a huge event (Spider Island)  that not only did not feel the need to kill any major characters but had great character moments.  If only other writers at marvel could use this templete for crossovers maybe the others would not suck.

6. Aquaman (New 52)

Damn this book is great.  This book maybe John's best work ever.  The art is beyond beautiful.   And it is much a book about Mera as Aquaman.  I can not recommend this book more.  It is really really good.  If you have not checked it out come by and read the first issue at the table.  If it does not hook you nothing will.

7. GI JOE/ Cobra

Alright first one of three repeats from last year on this list.  We keep telling people about these books and few believe us.  I understand.  As I have said I never thought I would recommend a GI Joe comic.  These both are very good. GI Joe is the perfect popcorn action flick and Cobra the really captures crime books with a spy vs spy feel.  Trust me try these out you will be glad you did.

8. Morning Glories

Still on the list.  Still love this book.  Still have no idea what is going on.  Still think you should read! 

9. Fables

This book is just great! that is why it is the third one from last years list on this years.

10. Star Wars Legacy War

The end to the best Star Wars comic.  Takes place 125 years after return of the Jedi and it was magnificent start to finish.  The end was a little rushed because they were only given 5 issue to do it in but still with that this is by far the one of the best comics out.  The same creative team will be doing  a book (starting in march) showing the origins of the Jedi order.

11. Huntress

I know that Roy does not really like this book.  I will also admit that there maybe better books out there, but month after month I find myself looking forward to this all action book.  It is just a fun afternoon read.  Though I am positive that in issue six we will find out the whole issue takes place on earth 2 and it will be a lead in to the JSA.

Then my one cheat.  DC Presents Life Story of the Flash.  Another reprint of a GN that will not see light of day again.  Which is too bad.  This is not only a great Flash Story, it is in my all time favorite list for single stories.  You will love it!

So that is my list.  and Now Roy's

Roy's List:

1. Fantastic Four/FF - I have always liked Hickman's stuff, and his work on Marvel's first family is no exception. It is a very slow build, but the pay0ff is worth it.

2. Demon Knights- This is one of my favorite books from the new 52. It is a great combination of humor and fantasy.

3. Batwoman- The story is great and the art is fantastic.

4. Swamp Thing- I am so glad the poetry-readin'-french-cigarrete-smokin' wall that Vertigo put up around it's horror characters is gone! The Good Gumbo is back! A great horror book.

5. Animal Man- Another great horror title from DC. The art is especially creepy and fits the story perfectly.

6. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents- I love this book. I was only able to read a few of the old ones as a kid, the new series captures the feel of those old issues perfectly. Would you still try to save the world if everytime you used your powers it was killing you? There is also a lot of espionage and hidden agendas.

7.Journey into Mystery- It is the best thing Marvel is putting out right now. It reminds me of the mythic issues of Sandman. Kid Loki rocks and Mephisto is charmingly devious.

8. Uncanny X-Force- The second best thing Marvel is putting out. Lots of black humor and over the top action!

9. Wonder Woman- When we heard that Azzarello was writing Wonder Woman we were afraid. This is the man whose Superman was colder than a Vulcan from Star Trek. His Batman joked around with hookers. Surprisingly his Wonder Woman is not a piece of shit like most of his other DCU works. In fact it is quite good. His take on the Greek Gods is both classic and fresh at the same time.  Best Wonder Woman I have read since Rucka.

10. Aquaman- Great art and great story.

11. Neonomicon- This comic is not for the faint of heart. There is rape and violence in this Lovecraft inspired tale. What sets this apart from Avatar's usual line of juvenile gore-filled smut, is that this is really good story. The violence is not done to tittilate, but to disturb..which it does.

That is it. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giving Report 2011

It's that time of year again where we give you guys a report on how much Tribe CAG and Tribe Customers were able to raise for Charity this year.  Things seemed a lot tighter all the way around.  There was a lot less to give and a lot less people asking.  Despite that we were able to support CASA with several fundraisers.  The good folks at Hero's Alliance took many donated comics and were able to use them through out the year at several fundraisers.  We helped out Team in Training with their Star Wars Themed fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Barton Hills Elementary had an auction for saving the school that we were able to give product to.  Two more area schools had silent auctions that we were able to help out.  Give to Game got several games from us plus I know a lot of you attended to help raise food for the food bank.  CBLDF again benefited from the can by the register.  All in all  between product and funds TRIBE CAG and Customers were able to raise a little more than $12000 this year. 

As some of you know we just started our keep the change program.  And though it is starting small I think it will have a big impact on next years report. 

These reports may sound a little like us tooting our own horn.  I assure it is not.  We do this every year so that you can see we are still committed to giving back as much as we can, as often as we can.  Well us and a little help from all our friends.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For as little as $.50 a visit

So as many of you know we try to donate as much as we can.  Our yearly report will be out in a few weeks when a catch up the books. For now let me explain a new idea that I had, and that we will be starting in a week or so.

This was inspired, in part, by our banks keep the change program.  In case your bank does not have it the program is they round up all your charges and put the change into your savings account.  Roy and like this idea but instead of keep the money for the store we thought why not save it up over a month and donate it.

As a result we are now offering customers the option of telling us "keep the change."  We will then put that into a pool and at the end of the month donate to a worth wild charity.  Mostly small local ones where a small amount of money can do the most good.

"Well," you ask, "who gets to choose what charity is worth wild?"  Why we do of course.  I will try to have a sign or poster up at the register so that every month you can see what your change is going to.  While you might not think .27 cents is a lot at 200+ customers a week that is around $200 a month that will get donated to charity.  This is in addition to everything else we do.

So please here in the new year, make it a habit of everytime you check out tell us to keep the change.  We will do the rest. Plus we will be periodically matching the amout of change gathered for donation.

Just another way we try to walk to the walk.