Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For as little as $.50 a visit

So as many of you know we try to donate as much as we can.  Our yearly report will be out in a few weeks when a catch up the books. For now let me explain a new idea that I had, and that we will be starting in a week or so.

This was inspired, in part, by our banks keep the change program.  In case your bank does not have it the program is they round up all your charges and put the change into your savings account.  Roy and like this idea but instead of keep the money for the store we thought why not save it up over a month and donate it.

As a result we are now offering customers the option of telling us "keep the change."  We will then put that into a pool and at the end of the month donate to a worth wild charity.  Mostly small local ones where a small amount of money can do the most good.

"Well," you ask, "who gets to choose what charity is worth wild?"  Why we do of course.  I will try to have a sign or poster up at the register so that every month you can see what your change is going to.  While you might not think .27 cents is a lot at 200+ customers a week that is around $200 a month that will get donated to charity.  This is in addition to everything else we do.

So please here in the new year, make it a habit of everytime you check out tell us to keep the change.  We will do the rest. Plus we will be periodically matching the amout of change gathered for donation.

Just another way we try to walk to the walk.



  1. and I was just about to suggest we start a collection for Bill Mantlo!

  2. Just another way y'all impress the heck out of us.