Friday, October 2, 2015

started to long (music is the best.)

You can play whatever you want if you work at Tribe. Within reason. Something with a beat, usually. Not dueling chainsaws. We let E put us to sleep every now and then with the Kingston Trio.

Context is everything. Whether it is the words you use, or the music you play.

At the end of the day you try to maintain the front that Art and Words could never harm anyone, yet you fret at night....that Haze has such a good beat....but will they hate you? Run screaming from the store and never come back? They say nothing for three nights.  Bob there heads sometimes.

The truth is that words can hurt, but only in context. I really don't think art can hurt, not in this broad general view we are so afraid of. 

The Mentat and the Day's King have informed me that I have offended people with this post. Seriously offended them. Some part of me notes nigga is okay in music in the store, but Gaga ALWAYS gets at least one complaint. Nigga on FB is death, regardless of context.

You tell me I shouldn't talk that way on a FB business page, and I agree. We push it. South Austin and all that. E can be far worse than me given the day, or what horrible thing DC is doing. It was the short-haired Day's King who taught me to be free. If he liked Frank Zappa he would play Joes Garage disk 1 on Sunday in a store full of children. Even I ain't that brave.

But to the Day's King Face Book is different. Usually he takes my side against the Mentat. 

But to me context is everything. That truth is raw in that post. Those words are valid and belong in that post. Context.

This is what people mean about the mad PC world. And don't get me wrong, there are people who go on rants about PCness that are really just them bitching that they can't be bigots anymore. Do you see bigotry in my posts?

Words can and do hurt, but look for the context. 

This is not an apology.  

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