Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eric's List

Eric's Top 11 for 2010 (Or the Year of the Tiger Roughly Feb10-Jan 11)  also in no particular order:

1. Secret Six: Like Roy this book makes me laugh out loud.  It is dark, funny and twisted in all the good ways.

2. Brightest Day: This book is a worthy successor to 52.   I can't wait each month for the next issue.

3. Morning Glories: This booked grabbed me from the first few pages and still has not let go.

4. Gi Joe/Gi Joe Cobra: Unlike Roy I think both should be read together.  You don't need to to understand the other book but you miss the whole picture.  That said I never thought I would be recommending a GI Joe book.

5. X-Men Second Coming: I thought this was a great story.  X-men the way it should be.  Plus poor Kurt.

6. Avengers Children's Crusade: I loved Young Avengers and this everything and more. Plus a possbile redemption of Scarlet Witch!  Take that Bendis!

7. Hulk: Jeff Parker's run on Hulk may have just started but he has already done the impossible, got me to like the Red Hulk.

8. Green Lantern Emerald Warriors: This book is so good.  I love regular GL but the art is not always great.  This book has great story, great characters, great art.

9. Infinite Vacation: Only #1 of this is out so far, so this might end up sucking.  That said the first issue had such a great fresh idea I was shocked.  Nick Spencer could be the next big writer in the industry is Morning Glories and this are evidence of his talent.

10. Fables: I love loved this book from issue 1 and it just gets better.  The confrontation in issue 100 was great and sets the tone for what is coming. 

11. Captain America: Brubaker makes me love Bucky Cap more than Steve.  His run has been great.  I was not a solo Cap Story fan before this book.  Now I can not get enough.

So there you go, our top 11 for the Year of the Tiger.  We were tempted to do a Kindling of the Year list but thought some of you might stone us for our choices.  We hope to be adding new blogs in the coming weeks.  We welcome your comments and we appreciate your business.


  1. I FINALLY managed to read the first trade of Fables (being sick does afford one reading opportunities). Now how many years of catching up do I have ahead of me?

  2. No Legion of Super-Heroes? Traitor! Legion traitor! Prepare to be expelled from the team and have your chest emblem burned off.