Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Top Eleven Comics of the Year of the Tiger 2010

In honor of Eric's wife's heritage and how many time zones were in the former Soviet Union, we present our top eleven comics of 2010. Eric and I will be doing an individual list, it will be interesting to see how they match up.

Roy's top 11 for 2010 (in no particular order)

1. Secret Six (DC) This title always makes me laugh out loud. This crew is not evil enough to fit in with the villains, but they sure as hell are not heroes.

2. The Thanos Imperative (Marvel) Spinning out of the events of the War of Kings, this series delivers over the top cosmic action. A great roller coaster ride.

3. Green Lantern (DC) I am sure all of you have heard for years how good this series is. They ain't lying.

4. Brightest Day (DC) A great follow up for Blackest Night. The storytelling is similar to 52, with how it jumps around between characters.

5. Uncanny X-Force (Marvel) This book has excellent rhythm. Great dialogue and great action.

6. The Stuff of Legend ((Th3rd World Studios) It comes out infrequently, but this story of toys going into the Dark to save their boy is fantastic.

7. Chew (Image) This book is just plain damn funny. Just read it.

8. Morning Glories (Image) I was hooked from the first issue. Just what is going on at this sinister school?

9. Secret Avengers (Marvel) This is the only consistently good Avengers title. Brubaker always writes good cloak and dagger stuff.

10. G.I. Joe (IDW) The relaunch of G.I. Joe has been fantastic. If you like military action, you should be reading this.

11. G.I. Joe: Cobra (IDW) The darker, more psychological "sister-book" of G.I. Joe. Explore the inner workings of Cobra.

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