Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giving Back Report

So as many of you know we here at Tribe are big at giving back to the community both local and at large.  It was one of our earliest business decisions.  The goal was to give a portion of our over all profits to help causes we believed in.  As many of you know we have not had much in the way of pay for Roy and I.  However that has not stopped us from trying to raise awareness and money for the causes we love.  So we have asked our customers for help from time to time.  Many of you contributed to Team Tribe when my wife Joansandy was trying to raise money for the Heart Association last year.  Many of you have put spare change in our Comic Book Legal Defense Fund jar we have at the registrar.  Cans of food were brought in last year for the Give to Game.  Comics and games were donated for our Christmas drive whose name I forgot both this past year and the year before.  And Roy and I have followed suit and tried to give product here and there for silent Auctions, raffles, door prizes etc.  Where that was not feasible we gave money.    Anyways this long rambling is a thank you to all who have helped us help others.  Because of Tribe's efforts both Customers and Owners in 2009 we were able to donate (in one form or another) almost $5000.00.  In 2010 we were able to triple that number and give 15,000.00! 

Thanks to all of our customers who have helped for the last 2 years.  I am glad that so many wanted to help us help others.  Here is hoping that 2011 is even better.

That about covers it.


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