Monday, March 14, 2011

Marvel vs DC (idiocy I have hear at my shop 1)

" I like Marvel better because it is more realistic." "I like DC better because the heroes are more heroic." " I like Marvel better because the attitude is more modern."

Hardly a week goes by that I do not hear these kinds of comments. Most people know that I despise a lot of what Marvel has done recently(Scarlet Witch, Sentry, Mary Jane), but I can honestly say I love both universes. If I didn't love Marvel's world, there would be no reason for me to hate Joe Quesada. Also, I don't care if someone prefers one or the other.  But it drives me crazy when people tell me these whacked out reasons why they prefer one company over another. "I like Coke better than Pepsi because Coke has water in it."

I think the main problem is a lot of comics fans know just enough to be dangerous. During most of the Silver Age, there was a substantial difference in the two publishers. Marvel was all about misunderstood youth and the dangers of The Man. DC was all about eat plenty of vegetables and go to bed early. But even this is just a generalization. But the college kids and hippies decided marvel was more "hip."

The problem is that I hear this from customers that I am certain are not reading 60's material. Ever since I have been reading, both publishers seem thematically the same. Both universes' heroes have flaws. Both contain grisly villains. Girlfriends stuck in refrigerators, sidekicks beaten to death, heroes on drugs, cops vs heroes, street level heroes, the power of a billion exploding sons, misunderstood youth, moral ambiguity....they are in both.

Also, I am sorry but Marvel is in no way less powerful than DC. Thor, Invisible Woman, Dr. Strange, Magneto, Phoenix, Doom, and others too numerous to mention could probably give Superman a run for his money, if not win the battle. Richards, Pym, or Stark are constantly whipping up very powerful gadgets. Remember, we are not comparing titles we are comparing the whole universes.

So when the Marvel snobs come in prattling on about realism, then I have to wonder the last time a teenager burst into flames or when a giant tried to eat the planet. Also, who the hell wants realism? Put those unrealistic comics down! Realism is the FF land and die of cancer. Realism is Banner is blown to bits. Yay realism! 

A lot of creators have done a lot of work for both publishers, their style and themes can be found in both universes.

Like I said, I really don't care if people like one and not the other. They are depriving themselves of some good stories, though. What is good is all subjective. But just don't tell me any bullshit.  Pepsi has water in it too!



  1. I like Marvel better because of the ferrets.

  2. I only watch movies made by Twentieth Century Fox and only listen to music from RCA.